Melogene: New genomic tools for Melon (Cucumis melo) breeding: transcriptome, SSR, SNP collections and high throughput genotyping platforms.

Melogene includes a new version of the melon transcriptome with of 49,741 unigenes generated at COMAV. These unigenes have been annotated, screened for SSR motifs and used to identify a large SNP collection suited for high-throughput mapping purposes. All the ESTs used for the assembly are described in Melon Transcriptome Characterization: Simple Sequence Repeats and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Discovery for High Throughput Genotyping across the Species. A new assembly of these ESTs was produced with iAssembler v1.3. They include:

  1. 125,908 Sanger ESTs produced in several international projects available at ICuGI from different libraries and 10 melon genotypes representing several botanic groups of the two C. melo subspecies (the inodorus Piel de sapo T111 and Piñonet, the inodorus TamDew, the cantalupensis Vedrantais, Dulce, Noy Israel, Charentais, and C35, and the exotic conomon PI161375 and Pat81).
  2. 689,054 454 ESTs produced with GS FLX and GS FLX Titanium from multi tissue libraries of 4 genotypes (T111, Piñonet, Vedrantais, and PI161375) (Blanca et al., 2011, available at the NCBI Sequence Read Archive (SRA) with code SRA050214.1).

All these ESTs along with a new collection of short reads produced by SOLiD (sequenced by Sistemas Genómicos S.L.) after resequencing the transcriptome of 8 pools including 67 melon genotypes, have been mapped to the new transcriptome to generate a large SNP collection (239,521) that will accelerate genetics and breeding of this crop.

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